Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Intolerable Acts of King Michael Bloomberg the I, of 2007.

In his latest attempt to subjugate the free and independent people of New York. He is brazenly attempting to impose an outrageous and
unjustified $8.00 city entry tax, which will cause undue and immense harm and financial hardship. Adversely affecting primarily the hard working middle and lower class citizens and small businesses, the backbone of the city's economy. Who are as it is struggling to keep bread on their table and a roof over their family's heads. thereby affecting the city economy as a whole.

The silent majority who are going to be affected and are opposed to this atrocity, shall not sit idly by. We will voice our outrage in order to prevent this from ever becoming a reality.

Just as "We The People" succeeded in having King Mike the I, backtrack and waive the parking tickets issued to us, his lowly subjects during the snow storm back in February 2007.(See full story below) And just as "We The People" defeated the Illegal immigration bill in Congress, so shall we be victorious in our just cause. Let's unite, rise up and take action. It's time we let our voices be heard and make a difference. Your participation and input is encouraged and welcome!!

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